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CSB is a granular, object-oriented bioinformatics library, which provides abstractions you can use to build your own bioinformatics applications. We put a strong emphasis on ease of use and convenience, but maybe our definition of ease of use is a bit different from what is frequently expected from a python / bioinformatics library. We strongly believe that an API is easy to use when it is designed with the following properties in mind:

In other words, if you are an experienced developer and you don’t like sloppy programming, you should feel right at home.

Here we present a brief tutorial on some of the most fundamental parts of CSB. It will help you to get started and explore the scope of the library. After going through these examples you will get enough confidence in order to start experimenting with the APIs and reading the comprehensive API docs, packaged with every release.


The library is composed of a set of highly branched python packages (namespaces). Some of the packages are meant to be directly used by the clients (core library), while others are utility modules and take part in the development of the library:

The core library is roughly composed of:



Detailed instructions are provided here.


Documentation for contributors can be found here.

More Documentation

Be sure to check our tutorials and ultimately our comprehensive API docs, bundled with each release package.